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iaedp Institute Offers On Demand Video Training

iaedp Institute Training On Demand:  How to Document Evidence Based Treatment to Maximize Insurance Reimbursement

Lisa Kantor Esq.

Lisa Kantor, Esq.

As a service we are streaming, on demand, Attorney Lisa’s Symposium 2011 presentation on How to Document Evidence Based Treatment to Maximize Insurance Reimbursement. This encore presentation will be followed by a live teleconference call with Lisa on Tuesday, Sept 26 at 7 pm ET/6 pm CT/5 pm MT/4 pm PT for an update and to answer your additional questions.  You may watch the 90 minute presentation anytime (at your convenience) starting September 21st.

  1. If you wish to attend the teleconference call, you must register and we ask only those who can attend “live” register for the conference call.  Attendance on the call will be limited.
  2. To view the video you must have Windows Media Player.  If the version on your computer is not up to date, you may be asked to update it or download the program but the links to do so are provided on the video page.  After watching the video, if you want to submit a question to be answered by Lisa on the live teleconference, please submit those questions to
  3. Download Lisa’s handouts and materials for this course.


  1. Video: in wmv.wmv
  2. Teleconference Registration:
  3. Handouts:

Course Description:

When seeking insurance benefits for eating disorder treatment, a provider’s treatment records will be the foundation for establishing medically necessity for admission and continued treatment.  Evidence-based treatment records must show plans of care, symptoms, and objective evidence that satisfy an insurance company’s criteria for admission and continued care.  The presentation will review the criteria from insurance companies for treatment of eating disorders and explain how evidence-based treatment records can be documented to best maximize the client’s available insurance benefits.

At the end of this presentation, participants should have an understanding of

  1. The criteria used by insurance companies to determine whether benefits are payable for eating disorder treatment;
  2. How insurance companies apply their criteria to determine whether benefits are payable for eating disorder treatment; and
  3. How providers can document their evidence-based treatment to satisfy the criteria of insurance companies and maximize the client’s insurance benefits.

This is an excellent opportunity for staff training!  Hook up an LCD projector, go to the streaming site, and voila! 


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