Inside iaedp: Eating Disorders in the News Dec 16 2010

Eating Disorders Rising Problem in Orthodox Jewish Women
The Jerusalem Post – 15 Dec 2010   Health experts say eating disorders are a serious, underreported disease among Orthodox Jewish women and to a lesser extent others in the Jewish community, as many families are reluctant to acknowledge the illness at all and often seek help only when a girl is on the verge of hospitalization Study:  Soldiers Use Extreme Methods to Meet Military Weight Rules – 7 Dec 2010    Soldiers are dangerously starving themselves, gobbling diet pills and laxatives – even resorting to costly liposuction surgery – all to meet the Army’s weight standards and avoid losing their careers, according to military personnel who spoke to Army Times.  Study indicates 12% of Teens in Argentina have Eating 9 Dec 2010
Maria Bello, President of Aluba, who conducted this study was a presenter at the International Forum, at iaedp Symposium 2010 in Orlando FL.

Look for Your iaedp Symposium 2011 Brochure in Your Mailbox in the Next Few Days!
iaedp Office – 15 Dec 2010  The printing press has stopped, the postage and addresses added, and your copy of the brochure will arrive very soon!  After incorporating in 1985, iaedp held it’s first conference in 1987.  So Symposium 2011 continues the legacy in its 24th conference offering a program designed for you, the professional who works with patients in a therepeutic setting!  You can also download a copy of the brochure in PDF format.  Want to review the session descriptions, presenters bios, and more? 


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