Inside iaedp: Is Victoria’s Secret Peddling Eating Disorders? Dec 3 2010

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Eating Disorders in the News Dec 3, 2010  
Victoria's SecretIs Victoria’s Secret Peddling Eating Disorder Porn? 

CBS Online – 2 Dec 10

It’s “eating disorder porn,” says Harvard pediatrician Dr. Michael Rich. “They are a fantasy that drives you to extreme behaviors which require overcoming normal physiological and instinctual survival drive.”  Rich heads the Center on Media and Child Health at Children’s Hospital Boston, which studies how kids are affected by images in movies, television and the Internet. He and other health professionals interviewed by CBS News worry that the ultra-thin models like those who appeared on the Victoria’s Secret show are pushing young women into unrealistic ideals and, in some cases, eating disorders.  “For most women, being 6’2″ and 112 pounds with big boobs and tight abs is just not doable,” …..   

top model 2010America’s Top Model Winner Sends Wrong Message – 2 Dec 10

What kind of messages is “America’s Next Top Model” sending to young girls when the latest winner 19-year old Ann Wards waist is so small that a man can fit his hands around it?  Ann Ward is 6’2″ and very thin. 

booksBooks on Prescription Scheme

WalesOnline.CO.UK 2 Dec 10

Doctors in Wales can now prescribe 32 books to help patients deal with mental health conditions ranging from eating disorders to stress.  These include titles on dementia to help people suffering from the disease manage their condition.  The books are available on prescription to borrow for free from every local library across Wales, as well as four prisons. 

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