Inside iaedp: Eating Disorders in the News August 25, 2010

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Hard Workouts Decrease Fertility (revealed by research study at Norwegian University of Science and Technology) – – New research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) shows that the body may not have enough energy to support both hard workouts and getting pregnant.  Read More
military wives
Budding Boudoir Photographer Shoots Military Wives/Moms’ Real Beauty
Photographer says “No” to Photoshop body nips/tucks and the women love the images they see!

Mom posted Wednesday, August 18, 2010
A budding boudoir photographer shoots military moms’ real beauty — saying no to nips, tucks and Photoshop — and the women love the images they see!  Tatum Clark, 23, of Tatum Kathleen Photography, has a special passion for taking boudoir portraits of military wives and moms. “I do all different kinds of photography, but the one I hold closest to my heart is my boudoir photos,” she says. “I love making women feel beautiful.” 
Whenever possible, Tatum shoots intimate portraits that capture each woman’s unique beauty. “The bodies are raw and real, just like these women,” she says. “I think the female form is the most beautiful subject. I always want to draw it, paint it or photograph it. My goal is to showcase the bodies just the way they are in the best way possible.”
Tatum’s first boudoir-photography model was … herself. She shares her life with an amazing man in the military (he’s a Navy Seal), and she wanted to give him something special. “First,” she says, “it was self-portraits I was taking to send overseas to him. Then I began to shoot boudoir portraits of lots of other women in the military community who wanted to give the same gift to their loved ones serving our country.” (Tatum herself comes from a military family.)   Read More   (Thanks to Maggie Baumann, MA, MFT-I, an iaedp Chapter Board Member from Newport Beach, CA for submitting this story!)


teenager and stress
Stress Triggers College Eating Disorders – By Rick Nauert PhD Senior News Editor, – Reviewed by John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on August 25, 2010

Beginning college is a landmark event for many young people and a key step toward adulthood. However, for some, it also can be an episode that pushes some into a dangerous battle with eating disorders.
Stress can trigger an eating disorder, and for the college student who is away from home for the first time, the stress of moving into a totally different environment and meeting new people can make them more susceptible to developing an eating disorder, says Mary Boggiano, Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham. 

America’s Next Top Model Whitney Thompson Exposes Naked Truth About Body Image – August 24, 2010 
The battle of body image just got a little easier on the eyes.
“America’s Next Top Model” season 10 winner Whitney Thompson has left her clothes at the door to headline this year’s “Love Your Body Day.”
The event, created by Thompson’s poster mate, Chenese Lewis, hopes to help women accept themselves and feel good about their bodies, regardless of the size.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) “launched the Love Your Body campaign in Sept. 1998 as a national day of action to speak out against advertisements and images of women that are harmful, offensive, disrespectful and demeaning,” the official site says. “Activists around the country say “no” to twisted beauty standard.”
Thompson, a 22-year-old beauty from Florida, has had plenty to say on the subject since becoming the first plus-sized model to win the television contest.
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Editorial Note:  iaedp does not endorse the content of any news story; we only report it.  It is not our goal to approve or condemn any news printed in our newsletter; our purpose is to inform our expert membership with the hope that they will comment on the various written articles (when available on the site of origination). We believe that current events and news/publicity regarding eating disorders are pertinent in many ways to influence patient care, create awareness, understand how media information (or mis-information) may influence our clients and their families, and be knowledgeable about new research.

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