Symposium 2011 in Arizona and the Immigration Law Issues

We have been asked about having Symposium 2011 in Arizona with  the current issues due to Arizona’s newest immigration law.  Although iaedp is not a political organization, it is always our goal to be sensitive to the needs/desires of our members.  We realize that some members and attendees might be offended and have objections to spending money in Arizona.  For that reason, we want to explain the situation.

We sign contracts with hotel venues one year to two years prior to the conference start date.  The contracts are legal binding documents that contain performance clauses.  Cancellation clauses carry heavy financial consequences (many, many thousands of dollars).  When an issue like the immigration law in Arizona happens, there is nothing we can do to change venues without it being financially disastrous to the organization.

It is our sincere hope that you will support Symposium 2011 and join us in March!



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4 responses to “Symposium 2011 in Arizona and the Immigration Law Issues

  1. There are always costs to political action. The organizations that are participating in the boycott are also sacrificing thousands of dollars and risking political backlash.

    My comment is that as clinician involved with eating disorder and trauma treatment for most of my career I have been supporting individuals in finding their voice and using it to express themselves. Stand up, speak up, and for some individuals in recovery, act up – as in become active in the struggle for improved awareness, education, prevention, treatment, and insurance coverage.

    It is hard to see our organization capitulate so quickly because of the reality of contracts. Can we at least open this relevant issue to the membership for discussion and debate?

  2. Julie Shinbaum

    I know that this topic brings up a great deal of emotion. As a resident of Arizona, I have been living this over the last few months. While boycotts may send a message, the people of Arizona also suffer by decreased revenue and decreased jobs to the state. IAEDP also has to consider the financial ramifications and I would much rather see the funds going to fund research and education according the mission then for lost contract fees.

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